Secondary or Subject Education

Important Announcements

  1. Field Placement Application Announcement
  2. New MA DESE licensure regulations, effective July 1, 2019, including:
  • Elimination of Biology 5-8;
  • Elimination of Earth Science 5-8;
  • Replacement of English 5-8 and English 8-12 with English 5-12;
  • Replacement of History 5-8 and History 5-12 with History 5-12; and
  • Name change of the Early Childhood license from
    Early Childhood: Teacher of Students With and Without Disabilities PreK-2 to
    Early Childhood PreK-2.

Field Study I Application Packet

Undergraduate licensure candidates complete this experience as part of EDUC 200 Education in American Society with Field Study I. Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure (PBTL) candidates complete this experience by enrolling in EDIL 800 Field Study I. PBTL candidates typically take EDIL 800 Field Study I while enrolled in or following EDIL 910 Education Foundations or EDIL 920 Learning and Human Development.  The Field Study I experience is completed in a non-charter public school classroom appropriate for the license which the candidate is seeking. Candidates spend a minimum of three hours per week at the placement site for a total of 36 or more hours over the course of the semester.

Field Study II Application Packet

This field study experience is completed with two courses taken concurrently:  EDUC 31*/EDIL 81* Pro Prep General and Content-Specific Methods and EDUC 300/EDIL 802 Pro Prep Special Needs and Educational Technology.  Candidates spend a minimum of six hours per week in a non-charter public school class appropriate for the license sought, for a total of 72 or more hours over the course of the semester. Candidates receive assignments in the Professional Preparation courses to carry out at the field study site.

EDUC 315/EDIL 815  Math 8-12, History 8-12, English 8-12, Biology 8-12, Chemistry 8-12

EDUC 316/EDIL 816  Math 5-8, History 5-8, English 5-8, Biology 5-8, Earth Science 5-8

EDUC 318  French 5-12, Spanish 5-12

EDUC 319/EDIL 819  Art PreK-8, Art 5-12

These courses are offered during the fall semester only. Please hand-deliver placement applications to the Education Department Placement Office no later than February 15.

Student Teaching Application Packet

The student teaching practicum is a full-time full-semester experience in a non-charter public school license-appropriate classroom. The student teacher is assigned to a classroom teacher who will serve as the supervising practitioner. The supervising practitioner must meet the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's requirements in order to serve in this capacity. Student Teachers are also supervised by a program supervisor, a FSU faculty member, who visits the student teacher in his or her classroom on a regular basis. The supervising practitioner and program supervisor provide feedback, support, and evaluation of the student teacher.

The secondary/subject area student teaching practicum is offered in the spring semester only. Please hand-deliver placement applications to the Education Department Placement Office no later than October 1.

Educator Licensure and Placement Office

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