Food Science Major


The Department offers two different concentrations in the Food Science major: Applied Food Science (UFSA), and Food Science and Technology (UFST). The two concentrations share a core curriculum that consists of two years of chemistry, two years of food science, one year of biology, one semester of biochemistry, and one semester of statistics.

Beyond the core curriculum, the Applied Food Science Concentration also requires one mathematics course, an introductory physics course, and a minor in biology, business, or nutrition. Additional requirements for the Food Science and Technology Concentration include one year of calculus, one year of physics, one or two semesters of physical chemistry, and a semester of human nutrition science.

Program Learning Objectives

1. Communicate complex technical information relevant to the discipline.
2. Apply complex concepts relevant to the processing of food products.
3. Evaluate the chemical interactions of nutrients and food additives and their effects on food products.
4. Formulate methods to analyze nutrients and food additives in food products.
5. Identify major safety hazards related to food products.