Food & Nutrition: Cultural Resources

If you have ever enjoyed a burrito, lasagna, Pad Thai, sushi, French toast challah, hummus … (the list goes on), you can thank immigrants who have made the United States their home. Immigrants’ foodways have opened people’s mouths and minds. Anyone can ‘travel’ the world by eating in ethnic restaurants and in the kitchens of people who have come to America to improve their lives.

Dragon FruitWorking with immigrants to promote health and prevent disease provides health care providers and educators like you, a chance to turn your challenges into rewards. Learning about cultural and religious foodways is an inviting opportunity to connect with clients, enhance knowledge, appreciate cultural practices (theirs and yours),and if you are lucky, to expand your palate.

The information on these pages was developed for nutrition and other health/educational professionals working to improve the health of individuals and families with ties to their cultural roots. Most books on cultural foods identify foodways and cultural food information for a region of the world. Here you will find information about a specific country or cultural group or religion. This webpage is active and will be updated when new information is identified.

The papers include: map, flag, history of immigration, health concerns, food management practices, foods (core, lifecycle, taboos), celebrations, and communication style.

Students in NUTR478 Community Nutrition at Framingham State University wrote these papers which were edited by individuals from the specific culture.

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