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Professional Development for Educators

Spring 1 2022 (January 24 - February 18, 2022)

Online / One credit (or semester hour)/22.5 PDPs

Cost: $220.00 per course

To register online, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Registration" button.  Alternatively, please feel free to print the registration form and send it to Heather Welsh, Administrative Assistant, for Continuing Professional Education and Workforce Development,


PRDV # CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor

English Language Arts  

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7022821051Common Core ELA Standards-Aligned Curriculum Development with Understanding by DesignSyllabusKatherine Scheidler
7072521053Professional Learning Communities SyllabusKatherine Scheidler
7132421052Common Core State Standards in Reading and Writing: Connecting Standards to PracticeSyllabusKatherine Scheidler
7132621050Common Core Writers Workshop, Teaching Students to Internalize and Apply Writing StrategiesSyllabusKatherine Scheidler
7242821069Teaching the Six Traits of Writing in the Primary GradesSyllabusKelsey Bower
7252821068Reading Instruction in the Primary GradesSyllabusKelsey Bower



PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7012721054Culturally Responsive TeachingSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7182721056Move the Body Engage the BrainSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7292521057Impact of Poverty on the Developing MindSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7322621066Executive Function in the ClassroomSyllabusJean Gately
7352621055Mindfulness in the ClassroomSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7422821048Poverty, Trauma, and Homelessness: Supporting Disadvantaged Students SyllabusJeffrey Weinstein
7922921058Restorative Discipline in the Classroom SyllabusKatherine Kaczynski

Health and Wellness

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7112421070Move more, Learn more: Linking Physical Activity to Academic PerformanceSyllabusSarah Benes
7272821071School Wellness for Student SuccessSyllabusLynnea Spencer


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7282821049Math workshop: Helping All Students Achieve Success at High LevelsSyllabusJeffrey Weinstein
7001721063Using Web 2.0 Tools to Motivate and Manage StudentsSyllabusDonna Criswell
7032821044Google Classroom AdvancedSyllabusJoanne Najarian
7052821059Using Social Media in the ClassroomSyllabusLinda Cartier
7092921045Teaching Outside the BoxSyllabusJennifer Hair
7122321062Using Technology to Help Student Demonstrate Understanding: Did They Really Get It? Web Tools to help with Formative or Summative Assessment SyllabusDonna Criswell
7122721065Let Me Show You What I Know/Putting Technologies into the Hands of StudentsSyllabusDonna Criswell
7241921060Designing a Virtual Field TripSyllabusLinda Cartier
7252521067Assistive Technology and Accessible Instructional MaterialsSyllabusRobin Robinson
7262121064Integrating Educational Videos into the Curriculum: How to Use Videos to Flip Differentiate, Access, and EnhanceSyllabusDonna Criswell
7332621047Powerful Creative Tools for MACSyllabusJennifer Hair
7352821043Using Google Apps and Web Based Technology to Support UDL SyllabusJoanne Najarian
7362821046Digital Storytelling and Web Stories using Adobe SparkSyllabusJennifer Hair
7412421061Creating Quick Response CodesSyllabusLinda Cartier

Special Education

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7232821039Supporting your Speech and Language StudentsSyllabusShannon Call
7392421041Design or Modification of Curriculum Materials and General Education Classroom Environments for Students with Moderate DisabilitiesSyllabusDeborah Merriam
7402421042Way to Prepare and Maintain Students with Disabilities for General Education Classrooms: Including Use of BehavioralSyllabusDeborah Merriam
7412821040Pragmatic Language Skill for Autism Spectrum DisorderSyllabusShannon Call


Course Credit Notes: 

At Framingham State University we report coursework on a per course basis.  Each graduate course that is part of a degree program is four credits and is shown on the student transcript as “1.0”.  Courses that are less than four credits are shown as a portion of “1.0”.  A three credit course is “.75”, a two credit course is “.5” and a one credit course is “.25”. There is a short definition of this method on the reverse side of an official transcript issued by our Registrar’s Office.