Courses and Registration

Professional Development for Educators

Fall 2020 (October 5th - October 30th)

Online / One credit (or semester hour)/22.5 PDPs

Cost: $220.00 per course

To register online, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Registration" button.  Alternatively, please feel free to print the registration form and send it to Kim Hardy, Administrative Assistant, for Continuing Professional Education and Workforce Development,


PRDV # CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor

English Language Arts  

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7132691405Common Core Standard in Writers' Workshop, Teaching Students to Internalize and Apply Writing Strategies for High Quality Student WritingSyllabusKatherine Scheidler



PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7012791412Culturally Responsive TeachingSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7182791411Move the Body: Engage the BrainSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7202791510Intentional Teaching for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners: Following Our Childrens LeadSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7262891403Mental Toughness: G.R.I.T. and being RelentlessSyllabusShawn Hair
7352691409Mindfulness for Young LearnersSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski
7422891404Poverty, Trauma, and Homelessness: Supporting Disadvantage StudentsSyllabusJeffrey Weinstein
7922991410Restorative Justice Discipline in the ClassroomSyllabusKatherine Kaczynski

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor
7001791417Using Web 2.0 Tools to Motivate and Manage StudentsSyllabus Donna Criswell
7262191418Integrating Educational Videos into the Curriculum: how to Use Videos to Flip Differentiate, Assess, and Enhance Teaching and Learning in Your ClassroomsSyllabusDonna Criswell
7262691397The Connected Classroom: You've Got ThisSyllabusJennifer Hair
7362891396Digital Storytelling and Web Stories using Adobe SparkSyllabusJennifer Hair
7862991399Remote Teaching and Distance Learning in the Time of COVID-19SyllabusJennifer Hair

Special Education

PRDV #CRN #Course NameSyllabusInstructor

Supporting Your Speech and Language Students

SyllabusShannon Call

Special Education: IEP - An In-Depth Study

SyllabusDeborah Merriam

Special Education: Federal and State Laws and Regulations

SyllabusDeborah Merriam

Design or Modification of Curriculum Materials and General Education Classroom Environments for Students with Moderate Disabilities

SyllabusDeborah Merriam
7412891384Pragmatic Language Skills for Autism Spectrum DisorderSyllabusShannon Call


Course Credit Notes: 

At Framingham State University we report coursework on a per course basis.  Each graduate course that is part of a degree program is four credits and is shown on the student transcript as “1.0”.  Courses that are less than four credits are shown as a portion of “1.0”.  A three credit course is “.75”, a two credit course is “.5” and a one credit course is “.25”. There is a short definition of this method on the reverse side of an official transcript issued by our Registrar’s Office.