4+1 Food & Nutrition BS plus Food & Nutrition MS Program

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) - Department ofBiology

Food and Nutrition Coordinated Program in Dietetics 4+1 Program

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD) includes both the academic requirements and the supervised practice requirements which qualify students to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians upon graduation. Admission to the master degree/CPD is competitive.  Application is a stepwise process:

Student Status

When Apply


Minimum second semester sophomore year

Spring semester

Coordinated Program in Dietetics concentration

Minimum second semester junior year

Spring semester, simultaneous application

Master of Science (MS) degree with:

Concentration in Food and Nutrition;

Specialization in Coordinated Program in Dietetics

Applicants must be enrolled in or have completed CHEM 300 Principles of Biochemistry. Minimally, second semester junior standing is required, but applications are also accepted from seniors. Transfer students must be matriculated at the University before applying for the concentration. Application forms can be found on the department website www.framingham.edu/nutrition and on the graduate school website https://www.framingham.edu/admissions-and-aid/admissions/graduate-admissions/index. Please note only twenty-four (24) students are admitted to this program each year.

In this 4+1 program, students receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Food and Nutrition, concentration in Coordinated Program in Dietetics.  However, only students who complete both the Bachelor and Master degree requirements are eligible to receive a Verification Form, required to document eligibility to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians. 


Undergraduate Major in Food and Nutrition
Coordinated Program in Dietetics Concentration Requirements (UFN4)(9 courses):

These courses are in addition to the major core requirements (9 courses) and preconcentration requirements (5 courses).

Concentration Graduate Courses (3 courses in the undergraduate senior year):

(The graduate courses will appear as transfer coursework on the undergraduate transcript)

Choose one (1) graduate elective course from the following: