Incomplete Grade Policy

In effect beginning Fall 2017:

IC (Incomplete) - This is a temporary grade designation that has no impact on the student’s overall or semester grade point average. The IC may be given to a student when the instructor is satisfied that circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented the student from completing the required work for the course. The grade of IC may only be awarded if it is mathematically possible for the student to pass the course with the completion of the remaining work. An incomplete cannot be considered until after the course withdrawal deadline has passed.

The student must submit a Request for Incomplete form to the instructor no later than the last day of the semester (see academic calendar). If the instructor agrees with the request, they shall complete and sign the form. If extenuating circumstances prevent the student from completing the request form, the faculty member may initiate the incomplete request. An incomplete grade may not be considered passing for purposes of determining federal financial aid eligibility, athletic eligibility, Dean's List, or other purposes.

The form will require the following:

  • The faculty member must assign the grade that would be issued at the end of the semester (i.e. the grade that will be issued if the student does not complete all of the work).

  • The student and faculty member shall agree upon a deadline for completion of course work. The deadline shall be no later than the end of spring break (see academic calendar) for fall and wintersession courses, September 1st for spring semester courses, and October 1st for summer courses.

  • The student shall be required to provide information documenting the extenuating circumstances that prevented them from completing the course.

For missed final exams, the faculty member shall file the Request for Incomplete form without the student signature and deliver the final exam to CASA for the final exam make-up period.

For all other Incompletes:
  • The Request for Incomplete form shall be filed with the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Copies of the Request for Incomplete form and all materials required for course completion and grade determination shall be filed with the academic dean who oversees the college in which the course is offered, including syllabus, grades to date, exams, other assignments to be completed, and grading rubric (if available).
  • The “IC” will be changed to the appropriate grade by the instructor via MyFramingham and the Grade Change Request link if the course has been fully completed by the agreed-upon deadline for course completion.
  • If the work is not completed within the given time, the “IC” will be changed to the grade indicated by the faculty member on the request form unless an extension is granted.
  • Any request for an extension must be formally made on the form available from the Office of the University Registrar before the agreed-upon deadline. An extension will only be considered for circumstances beyond the student’s control.  The request will be reviewed by the academic department chair and the academic dean in consultation with the course instructor.
  • No more than one extension shall be granted for submission of materials for an incomplete course.   If the work is not complete by the end of the approved extension, the grade will default to the grade originally indicated by the instructor on the request form.
  • In extenuating circumstances, the academic department chair or the academic dean can serve the role of the course instructor.

After the grade is changed, the student’s GPA shall be recalculated by the Office of the University Registrar for the purpose of reviewing academic status.