New Rams Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance to Framingham State University – we are delighted to welcome you to our fRAMily!

Once you are ready to become a Ram, your first step will be to confirm your enrollment. In order to do this, you will need to reply to your offer of admission and submit your non-refundable enrollment deposit.

After you "Make it Official," follow the remaining steps on the New Rams Checklist to prepare for your arrival on campus.

We are here to help.  Contact the Orientation Office at or 508-626-4637 if you have questions.

Student using computer

Step 1- Activate your accounts

MyFramingham is a hub of information. Be sure to log in and activate your account so you can check your financial aid status and sign up to receive FSU Alerts. Don’t forget to regularly check your FSU student email for all University communication.

Student sitting in lounge

Step 2 - Submit Required forms

Print off this checklist and check off each item as it is completed!

Students at orientation

Step 3 - Take Part in your Orientation Experience

To help you get ready for the start of your career at FSU you will take part in the Orientation Experience.  That involves completing the Ram Ready Online Orientation Portal, meeting with faculty to create your fall 2022 course schedule, and joining your fellow new students at in-person orientation. 

To learn more about the Orientation experience, RSVP to attend your orientation day and set up your course selection appointment, click on the appropriate link below:

First-Year Students

Transfer Students

Family sitting on Bench

Step 4 - Welcome your Family to our Framily

We call ourselves a fRAMily, and we welcome your family to ours. Parents and families of new students can find answers to FAQs, event information, and important University contact information on our New Student & Family Programs site.