Readmission Applicants

Are you ready to return to FSU to complete your undergraduate degree? If so, please review the readmission/reinstatement application requirements, and deadlines before submitting your application. Housing for all readmitted/reinstated students is by waitlist only. International students should check with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to verify whether additional documentation is needed.

Students wishing to return to FSU must submit the application for readmission/reinstatement, along with the required credentials.

We encourage you to apply online using the Readmission/Reinstatement Application. If you would prefer to apply on paper, you may download the application.

$50 application fee is required for both day and evening degree-seeking candidates.

Applicants who have not been enrolled continuously at another institution since leaving FSU must submit a résumé or summary of activities accounting for all time periods since leaving the University.

Applicants must send official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended after leaving FSU. If courses were taken at FSU, no request for an official transcript is required; please list FSU on the application. Please note: Only transcripts forwarded directly to the Framingham State University Office of Undergraduate Admissions from the college/university attended are considered official transcripts. All colleges/universities attended, regardless of whether courses were completed or credit was received, must be disclosed on the application.

Please forward official results of any CLEP examinations (College Level Examination Program) taken after leaving FSU. Please list the specific examinations under the CLEP examinations section. The College Board code for Framingham State University is 3519.

Fall Semester: August 1; Spring Semester: December 1.
Applications for readmission/reinstatement should be submitted as early in the academic year as possible. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions after the preferred filing deadline to determine if it is too late to apply.