Scholarship Alumni

Meet our pioneering alumni, Meeghan Bresnahan and Olivia Renda, the first graduates from FSU to have their entire tuition, fees, and room and board covered by the transformative Mancuso Scholarship. This four-year experience, tailored to meet scholarship requirements for, is annual renewal a testament to our commitment to student success.

Halcyon Mancuso's visionary $2.5 million commitment in 2018 established this groundbreaking scholarship, with two awards granted annually. One exclusively for English majors—a subject close to Mancuso's heart—and the other rotating yearly among Humanities and Social Sciences majors.

Focused on career readiness, the Mancuso Scholarship goes beyond financial support. Recipients engage in two meaningful internships and follow a specialized curriculum, ensuring they emerge well-prepared for success.

Join the legacy of Mancuso Scholars at FSU and unlock unparalleled opportunities for academic and professional growth. Your journey to a thriving future begins with the Mancuso Scholarship! Apply now and step into a world of limitless possibilities.

Meeghan Bresnahan and Olivia Renda

Career prep and internships helped me immensely in obtaining my job at my city’s public library. With my career prep, I learned exactly what employers want in a prospective employee, how to have a perfect resume and LinkedIn profile, and how to ace an interview. I also learned what my interests were in, which guided me to the library. All of my internships were at [FSU’s] Whittemore Library, and they helped prepare me for working in a library doing social media and digital humanities work, experience I’m forever grateful for."

Meeghan Bresnahan '23

History Major

This scholarship program completely changed not only my college life but also my professional one. By starting career preparation in my freshman year, I was able to practice professionalism numerous times before I really needed to. This meant that when I finally did start applying for jobs and internships, I felt extremely prepared and confident since I knew exactly what I should do. This helped me get a job right after college and walk into an interview knowing that I did everything I possibly could to prepare. Finally, I just felt ready to enter the workforce right after college because this program gave me all the tools I needed to be successful."

Olivia Renda '23

English Major