Student Commitments for Mancuso Scholarships

Every Mancuso Scholar agrees to follow a robust four-year career-planning path in conjunction with their academic path. Every Mancuso Scholar commits to:

  • Major in English or a specified Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences major;
  • Regular meetings with Career Services to follow a four-year career-preparation plan;
  • Scheduled appointments with Halcyon Mancuso;
  • Maintain an overall 3.00 cumulative and academic major GPA each academic year at FSU. Summer coursework may be used to improve GPA, if necessary (Mancuso Scholars are responsible for costs associated with summer coursework);
  • Meaningful participation in at least one extra-curricular activity every semester, either on or off-campus;
  • Written reflections at the end of each academic year (i.e., spring semester) that chronicle the students’ career prep progress, personal growth, academic skills gained or improved, and contributions to campus life. These reflections must be submitted by June 1;
  • Continuous full-time enrollment (note: individual circumstances will be considered);
  • Two meaningful internships (paid or unpaid; summers or during semesters; for course credit or not) during four years of continuous enrollment. If an internship is not for course credit, the student should receive written approval from an advisor, department chair, or from Halcyon Mancuso in order for it to be counted toward this requirement.  This written approval is to ensure that the student is fulfilling this requirement with an experience that truly “moves the student ahead” in their career prep;
  • A “pay-it-forward” attitude while attending FSU undergraduate program, including attending department functions (to be decided by a department’s scholarship committee) each year during which the students can share their knowledge of career prep, internships, and so forth with other students in their discipline. Students should be available as “advisors” after graduation by attending one departmental function for other students during their first five post-graduation years or by offering phone consultation to other students; 
  • Signing a “commitment understanding” form upon accepting a scholarship. This form is simply a specific list of what the student needs to do in order to continue receiving the scholarship each year and is designed to make such commitments completely transparent to the student.

Four-Year Career Prep Plan

Year One: "Know Yourself"

Attend social/club event for students;

Attend two Employer Showcase events and write a "thank you" email to the recruiter;

Begin developing your resumè;

Begin your career portfolio, including writing samples;

Complete major and career exploration online assessments (Focus2);

Explore experiential education opportunities (volunteer and internship);

Learn soft skills that employers value in students and new graduates;

Manage digital identity, including starting your LinkedIn profile;

Start to develop an elevator pitch;

Think about co-curricular activities;

Visit Career Services and register on Ramtrack.

Year Two: "Know Your Industry"

Attend two career events with recruiters and inquire about industry;

Attend Career Advice Roundtables (CARS);

Attend Career Fairs and find out about opportunities in your fields of interest;

Attend two employer showcases with companies you are interested in and write "thank you" emails;

Deliver your elevator pitch and ask for feedback from recruiters;

Explore professional associations and student organizations in various industries;

Learn job-search strategies;

Participate in an informational interview within an industry you would like to explore;

Refine your resume with keywords used in your potential industry;

Start online job and internship search through RamTrack, Indeed, Glassdoor, O’Net, LinkedIn, etc.

Year Three: "Build Connections"

Attend Career Advice Roundtables (CARS);

Attend Career Fairs;

Attend mock interviews with recruiters and career counselors;

Attend two Employer Showcases and write a "thank you" email to the recruiter;

Conduct resume review in career services;

Connect with two industry people (start network);

Enroll in Suitable Solutions in the fall;

Explore internships and speak to academic advisor;

Identify professional references and get feedback;

Update LinkedIn profile with professional photo;

Write a cover letter for a position you are interested in and get critiqued.

Year Four: Build Career

Apply to internships and careers;

Attend Career Advice Roundtables (CARS);

Attend Career Fairs;

Attend Chamber of Commerce networking events;

Attend mock interviews with recruiters and career counselors;

Attend two Employer Showcases and write a "thank you" email to the recruiter;

Conduct actual interviews with potential employers;

Create your reference list for review;

Enroll in Suitable Solutions in the fall;

Learn negotiation techniques;

Participate in internships (one and possibly two);

Participate in site visits to local companies;

Update your resume and cover letter.