Q. How do I view my account balance?

A. Log into myFramingham, click the Accounts tab, then click View Recent Account Activity.

Q. How do I pay my bill?

A. Log into myFramingham, click the Accounts tab, then click Make an Online Payment/Deposit.

Q. How do I respond to my bill on-line?

A. Log into myFramingham, fulfill "Payment Requirements" will be in the middle column at the top.

Q. How will I know when an e-Bill is available?

A. Each term (July for Fall, November for Spring) all registered undergraduate day students will be sent an email notification to their FSU email account indicating that an e-Bill is available online. When subsequent e-Bills are posted, you and your authorized users will receive an email.

Q. How do I access my e-Bill?

A. You will log into the myFramingham portal using your Student/Banner ID. Click the Account Tab, and then access any of the options to view your e-Bill. The e-Bill does not change. It is a snapshot of the account when the e-Bill was uploaded. From this same tab, you can view your current account activity, make a payment, set up authorized users, save payment methods and update your profile.

Q. What if financial aid, scholarships, Nelnet payments, and /or other financial payments/resources are not listed on my e-Bill statement?

A. If you have questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office between 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM Mondays and Tuesdays, and between 8:30AM and 5:00PM Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 508-626-4534.

B. If you have an outside scholarship that is not reflected on your student account, please send a copy of the scholarship award letter to the Student Accounts Office at 100 State Street, PO Box 9101, Framingham Ma. 01701-9101 or by emailing studentaccounts@framingham.edu or faxing to 508-626-4598. This award letter must be on the scholarship source letterhead. You should note your name, 9-digit Framingham State Student ID#, amount, and award term on this letter.

C. For Nelnet payments that are not showing on the e-Bill, please confirm all payments are current with Nelnet by viewing your student account at framingham.afford.com Nelnet activity is posted to your account at the same time that it is recorded at Nelnet. We encourage you to regularly monitor your student account through the e-Bill site.

Q. Do I have to waive/enroll in Health Insurance again?

A. Health Insurance must be waived or enrolled each Academic Year. If you already waived or enrolled in coverage during the Fall Term, you do not need to do anything for the Spring Term. Log into University Health Plan to waive or enroll

New students (Spring term only) please waive today to avoid an unnecessary charge. Furthermore, be aware that students who do not waive or enroll in the university's health insurance will be auto-enrolled.  You will be enrolled automatically into the annual Health Insurance plan, and will be responsible for the payment of $3,444, if the student begins in the Fall, or a payment of $1,444, if the student begins in the Spring.

Q. How do I change my enrollment status?

A. You have two options. One - you can contact the Registrar's Office at registrarsoffice@framingham.edu to request a change in enrollment status. Two - you can go on-line and make the change. Log into myFramingham, in the center column of the home page click Change Status. Make the appropriate changes and submit the form. The Registrar's Office will automatically be notified of your request.

Q. How do I change my meal plan?

A. You have two options. One - you can contact the Dining Services Office to request a change in meal plan. Two - you can log into myFramingham, in the middle column of the home page click Change Meal Plan to select your change. Dining Services will automatically be notified of your request.

Q. Changes I've requested on-line are not appearing on my account, why?

A. Please allow up to 72 hours for the information you submitted to show up on your account. If you still do not see the changes, contact the specific office. A list of office numbers can be found on your e-Bill and under the General Student - Other Resources section on this site.


Q. How do I set up for an eRefund?

A. Please click on link for detailed instructions on how to set up for an eRefund.

Q. Can I view my 1098-T online?

A. Yes. In January of the current academic year, there will be a link within myFramingham to view the online version of the 1098-T form. Log into your account, click on the Account tab and under the My Student Account heading you should see "View 1098-T" list. Click on that link, choose a year and click submit. To view the detail of any amounts listed, just click on the figure or scroll down.

Q. Can my Financial Aid be used for other terms?

A. Yes. Students must authorize FSU to:
Use Title IV funds to pay non-institutional charges (parking, insurance, replacement ID).
Use Title IV funds to pay prior term balances.
Hold credit balances resulting from Title IV funds to be used for the next term.
To authorize FSU, please complete the Student Title IV Authorization form and return it to Student Accounts