Meal Plan Rates

 Meal Plan Details & Rates Per Term 2020-2021

Value19 swipes/week & 10 Guest Passes$1,950.00
Value Plus19 swipes/week; & $100 DD/term & 10 Guest Passes$2,040.00
Premier 14 swipes/week; & $150 DD/term & 10 Guest Passes$2,060.00
UltimateUnlimited swipes/week; & $100 DD/term & 10 Guest Passes$2,200.00
Senior 77 swipes & $500 DD/term (senior students only)$2,060.00
Block 2525 swipes/term (commuters only)$230.00
Block 25 Plus25 swipes/term & $50 DD/term (commuters only)$270.00
Block 5050 swipes/term (commuters only)$450.00 
Block 50 Plus50 swipes/term & $100 DD/term (commuters only)$530.00
All Flex500 DD/term$490.00

Unless otherwise noted all amounts are per term. Pricing shown is for the 2020-2021 academic year and is not reflective of final pricing for subsequent academic years.

* A meal plan must be selected by all resident students, click here to get more information about resident meal plans.

 *All meal plans are available to commuter students, click here to get more information about commuter meal plans.