Hall Council

Residence Hall Councils at Framingham State facilitate social activities, address and review community issues in the individual residence halls, and advocate on behalf of the residents. Each Residence Hall Council is viewed as an independent residence hall organization. At the beginning of each fall semester, elections are held in each residence hall to designate members of the Hall Council Executive Board for the academic year.

The vice president or authorized designee of each Hall Council Executive Board will meet to form the Residence Hall Advisory Board (RHAB). This group meets with the associate dean of students/director, residence life and judicial affairs or designee in reviewing and responding to campus-wide residence hall issues as well as participates in residential planning functions.

Members of Hall Councils make a difference in their communities by developing, planning, and organizing involvement activities for their residents. Hall Council members also provide leadership and representation that meets the needs of the residence hall and aid in creating healthy residence hall living environments.
Hall Council meetings are open to all residents of the building.

For more information or to join your Hall Council, please see your Resident Assistant or Area Director.