Making Student Organization Purchases

  1. Organization purchases can be anything related to an event you are holding, including, supplies, promotional items, activities from a vendor, or buses for an off campus event. All purchases need an expenditure request to be completed in order to pay for what you are ordering.

  2. To complete an expenditure request, you need to go to your organizations page. Under the finance tab, you will submit an expenditure request. When filling out the expenditure request, it is important to put any details about what you are buying. For example, if you are ordering from Amazon, put the links to the items you would like to purchase.

  3. Amazon is our most common form of ordering. If you are unable to find something on Amazon, it is recommended you put in a petty cash request to buy it at a store.

  4. For promotional items, we use two main companies- Imprint Express and Silver Screen Design. Please use their websites to find the item you would like, and work with your resource person to get them designed and ordered.

  5. If you are looking to bring an activity like carnival games, novelties, or inflatables to campus, we have three main vendors- FUN Enterprises, Party People Inc., and Perfect Parties. All of their websites show what they have to offer and how to contact them to book something.

  6. If you are looking to order something from a website not listed, we will look at it on a case-to-case basis.
If you have any questions about making student organization purchases, please contact:
Kayleigh Novac (MacMaster), Finance Manager, in EXP
at: 508-626-4619 or