McCarthy Center Posting Policy

The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Development approves and posts materials displayed in the McCarthy Center ONLY.  If you wish to have your materials in the residence halls, please visit the Office of Residence Life.  For academic buildings, please see the building secretary for each building. 

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact Robin Lancaster, Club and Student Involvement Support Specialist at: OR Brendan Fraser, Student Involvement Coordinator at:

Posting Locations/Sizes for FSU Registered Clubs/Orgs and Departments

  • Bulletin Boards on 4th and 5th Floors
    • One (1) 8.5x11 flyer per bulletin board is permitted per event (2 total).
  • Designated Poster Frames:
    • 3rd Floor 2’ x 3’ poster frame availability:
      • 1 – McCarthy Center Entry Doors (3-0-B)
      • 3 – Center column of entry lobby (3-1-B, 3-1-C, 3-1-D)
      • 1 – Across from Faculty/Staff Dining (3-3-B)
      • 3 – Columns along Concourse (3-4-B, 3-5-B, 3-6-B)
    • 2nd Floor 2’ x 3’ poster frame availability:
      • 2 – Forum entry door ((2-1-C, 2-1-D)
      • 1 - Catering Prep ((2-2-A)
      • 1 – Marketplace (2-3-D2)
    • Up to 2 posters are permitted to be reserved in the designated poster frames at a time.

Posting Locations/Sizes for Non-FSU Registered Organizations, Agencies, Vendors

  • Bulletin Boards on 4th and 5th Floors
    • One (1) 8.5x11 flyer per bulletin board is permitted per event (2 total).

Policies & Procedures

  • Posters
    • All posters will now be reserved by submitting a Poster Reservation Request through the SILD website. Beginning Fall 2020, requesters will no longer be allowed to select desired posting space. The SILD Staff will make the determination of the best advertising space available when your request is submitted.

    • Poster Reservations MUST be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to when you want your poster displayed in McCarthy. 

    • On the Poster Reservation Request form at the SILD website, all posters must include:
      • Date of Poster Request
      • Name of Event
      • Date/Time/Location
      • Contact Information (email, phone, etc.)

    • Advertising is limited to 2 – 24” x 36” posters. Any advertising material different in size than these sizes will not be hung.

    • A maximum of 3 advertising days within a 7-day period will be allowed. Poster locations are reserved on a first come first served basis. SILD reserves the right to override poster location reservations based on all-university events where usage of poster frames is in need, i.e. Admitted Student Days, Black and Gold Beginnings, Homecoming, etc. If SILD does not receive the event poster by the day of the event, the reservation will be canceled and priority will be given to the next reservation for that area on the waiting list. * Special circumstances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

    • After submitting the Poster Reservation Form, if it meets all requirements by SILD, you will be prompted to go to the Print Services Gateway Website, where you will log in with your FSU username and password to upload your poster graphic (for student orgs, please use your org email username and password). Select the "SILD Poster Requests" option to choose a template to either upload an existing design or design one online. Templates are available for printing on either Heavyweight or Satin paper.

    • Under "Job Delivery Information," please make sure that your pick-up date aligns itself with a-minimum of 1 week prior to your preferred advertising time-frame. Then, make sure that the option to "Hold for Pick-up" is selected.

    • Check to ensure that the cost is within your budget before submitting.

    • If you are a student organization, you should see an account code listed under "Billing codes for Payment" if you logged in correctly. If you do not see this code, STOP and contact your SILD Resource Person. If you are an FSU office, please ensure that your office code is listed correctly. If not, please contact Print Services.

    • Once completed, please select "Place Order" and SILD will be notified that you submitted a poster which will then be reviewed for approval.

    • It is YOUR responsibility to pick up your posters/flyers and deliver them to the SILD office, Suite 510 in McCarthy once they are completed by Print Services Gateway. Posters and flyers will be hung by SILD staff only. Postings found without SILD stamp approval will be removed and may jeopardize your department/organization’s ability to advertise in the future.

    • All posters will be hung by SILD Staff only.

    • All posters will be recycled unless expressly requested to be picked up after the event. (If you choose to laminate your poster for future advertising, it will NOT be recycled and saved for you to pick up the day following your event.)
  • Fliers
    1. Flyer posting priority is given to registered FSU student organizations and departments.
      For outside organizations, if room is needed on the 4th or 5th floor bulletin boards for FSU student organizations or departments, your materials may be removed.

    2. All fliers must include:
      1. Name of Event
      2. Date/Time/Location
      3. Contact Information (email, phone, etc.)

    3. All fliers must be free of spelling errors, torn edges, and glitter.

    4. All fliers must be approved and stamped in the SILD Office.
      1. Flyer postings are reviewed Monday-Friday during the SILD office's operational hours and on a case by case basis.
      2. Job advertisements must first be approved by Career Services & Employer Relations
      3. Fliers should be dry when brought to the SILD office. We do not have space to let poster ink dry once approved.

    5. Fliers are to be hung by SILD staff only. Fliers found without SILD stamped approval will be removed and may jeopardize your department/organization’s ability to advertise in the future.

    6. Fliers will be stamped and dated for a maximum of 3 weeks.

    7. All postings will be recycled once removed by SILD staff.

    8. Bulletin board advertising is reserved for event advertising and job availability. Ads for apartments for rent should be directed to Office of Residence Life.