Arts & Ideas


Framingham State University is excited to present: Arts & Ideas 2017-2018—a year-long series of engaging speakers, performances and exhibitions. This year’s series features an exploration of the topic of “Duty and Disobedience” via activism and the arts. This year also marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Henry David Thoreau whose influential essay, “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience,” continues to challenge readers with the key question: What are the higher laws and moral principles to which all citizens are obligated? The Arts and Ideas Committee invites you to a number of stimulating, thought-provoking events that delve deeper into the definition of “duty”—to self, to gender identity, to family, to faith, and to race—and how a call to such duty many times clashes with the dictates of societal norms. How does one negotiate the difficult call to action?

The Arts and Ideas Series complements the classroom. Formal learning informs, stimulates and challenges, certainly; the series takes it from there and connects you with today’s great thinkers and practitioners of the craft. You will hear from one of the world’s leading Thoreau scholars on the nature of duty and disobedience; meet the founder of an international organization for LGBTIQ Muslims as he discusses being queer and Muslim in the Trump era; and engage with a photography installation focused on the puzzles of work and family in the context of diversity and change.

Arts and Ideas celebrates performance art, too! Move to the music of an Indian Sufi band. Listen to poetry that examines themes of growing up transgender. Enjoy a musician/graphic novelist and view his art work accompanied by live and recorded music.

Be transformed. Join us.

Please note that dates, times and locations are subject to change.

To view a copy of the Arts & Ideas Brochure, click here.

  • Arts & Ideas Committee
    Chris Gregory (Interim Chair)
    Lisa Eck (Chair - On Sabbatical Fall 2017)
    Aline Davis
    Benjamin Trapanick
    Bonnie Mitchell
    Brian Bishop
    Christian Gentry
    Daniel Magazu
    Jennifer Dowling
    Joseph Coelho
    Kaan Agartan
    Kimberly Mills
    Linda Vaden-Goad
    Lissa Bollettino
    Lisa Burke
    Luis Rodriguez
    Martel Pipkins
    Rachel Lucking
    Ruth Remington
    Samuel Witt
    Sara Mulkeen
    Stacy Cohen
    Susan Romani
    Zhe Li