Arts & Ideas


Framingham State University is proud to present the 2015-16 Arts & Ideas Program – a year-long series of engaging speakers, performances, exhibitions and films. Most events are free and open to the public.  Designed to stimulate the kind of thought-provoking conversations that represent co-curricular learning at its best, this year’s series explores two complimentary themes: “Science as Part of Our Living World” and “Stasis and Change.”

The challenge of evaluating change marks one of our chief responsibilities as an academic community -- be it the multi-faceted change made imperative by climate change, or hard-to-read harbingers of social change, big and small. In fields as diverse as the visual arts, publishing, History, conflict resolution and animal rights, a central question guides us: "How much have we changed and how much have we remained the same?"  

The presumed opposite of change, "stasis," says one thing to a social scientist studying institutionalized racism in what has been optimistically termed “post-racial America,”  and another to a classical rhetorician for whom "stasis" names the practice of slowing down an argument in order to ask questions. Ultimately, how do we know whether changes are positive or negative – or something else altogether? Join us for these debates and the responsive actions they promise to inspire.

Please note that dates, times and locations are subject to change.


  • Arts & Ideas Committee
    • Lisa Eck, Chair 
    • Kaan Agartan
    • Mary Burke
    • Joseph Coelho
    • Sarah Cole
    • Jennifer Donabed
    • Jennifer Dowling
    • Christian Gentry
    • Dan Magazu
    • Roxana Marrero
    • Bonnie Mitchell
    • Robin Robinson
    • Luis Rodriguez 
    • Ben Trapanick
    • Linda Vaden-Goad
    • Samuel Witt