Completed Projects

The following list contains research projects completed by Drs. Cohen and Remington

Academic stress and high school students (in a public school and in a private school)

Analysis of Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement data for a university

Analysis of National Survey of Student Engagement data for a university

Assessment of communication channels and needs in a community

Assessment of student and teacher perceptions of block learning

Assessment of needs of senior citizens

Asian-Americans and community integration

College student retention

Community housing needs

Community needs assessments

COPS and 311 service implementation

Council on Aging intergenerational programming

Council on Aging program assessments

Dehydration in older adults

Educational programs and programming

Evaluation of an adult day-care program

Evaluation of a chronic disease management program

Evaluation of online professional development programs

Evaluation of STEM programs and courses in a public school system

Experiences of first-year college students

First-year Foundations program evaluation

Foundations of Excellence program analysis

Improving elementary school math teaching and learning and its relationship to STEM programs

Issues of cultural diversity

Levels and types of prejudice among fifth graders

Mental health and first-year college students

Mental health and stigma

Music and its effect on agitation in dementia

Nutrition and cognition

Nutrition scan of public schools in Metrowest

Palliative and end-of-life care

Persistence of part-time Master’s degree candidates

Relationship between time and learning in a public high school

Relationship between sleep and academic performance among high school students

Secondary analysis of Medicare data

Study of food and housing insecurity at a university

Vision Project [College Access, Affordability and Completion in Massachusetts] data analysis