Directors and Associates


Marian Cohen, PhD

Dr. Cohen is a sociologist with expertise in medical sociology and the sociology of mental health and illness.  In addition to conducting research in these areas, she has extensive experience examining various aspects of education, at both the K-12 and higher education levels; investigating and assessing community needs; and studying issues related to aging.  Her work has primarily been in the sphere of applied sociology.  She has received awards for teaching and for her work in diversity and equity.

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Ruth Remington, PhD, RN

Dr. Remington is a nurse practitioner with extensive experience in the nursing care of older adults. She taught nursing at FSU until her retirement in 2020. Her research has included the study of the effect of nutrition and nutritional supplements on cognition, non-pharmacological interventions to reduce agitation in dementia, primary care models in long-term care, and the patient experience. She received the FSU Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship or Creative work in 2017 and the Excellence in Nursing Research Award from the American Nurses Association Massachusetts in 2018.

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Jim McQuaid, PhD

Dr. McQuaid serves as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Framingham State University. His research draws on his experience with both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the ways in which cultural action shapes the behavior of consumers in markets (specifically the markets for funeral services, and – more recently – medical markets) as well as the broader implications that such individual action has for the functioning of markets as a whole. He is also co-producer of a podcast titled Committable, a series that focuses on the experiences of individuals who have experienced involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations.

Annmarie Samar, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC; NEA-BC

Dr. Samar is a clinical nurse specialist in public and community health nursing. She is also certified as an advanced nurse executive. She completed recovery coach training and has done many years of volunteer work with individuals and families facing the disease of substance use disorder. She has provided education to clinicians and the public related to this major public health crisis. She served as an active member of the FSU Council for Diversity and Inclusion and was the co-chair from 2017 to 2019. She taught nursing at FSU until her retirement in 2020.

Shin Freedman, MLS, MBA

Ms. Freedman is academic librarian/researcher at Framingham State University. She has expertise in mentoring partnerships for academic librarians, and a research focus on academic library leadership and collegiality in higher education. Her work received worldwide readership across many disciplines. She delivers webinars and provides consulting to professional, international, national, and regional organizations.