FSU Transfers

Welcome Transfers!

While this might not be their first time around, transfer students also go through a transition period when beginning their experience at FSU. First-Year Programs is committed to making this transition a successful one for transfer students. From learning about the FSU culture and resources, to connecting with other transfer students on campus, First-Year Programs is here to help. Use this office as a guide to help you navigate the campus and to point you in the right direction by answering your questions and easing your concerns.

We serve as a home-base for transfer students in transition. We will answer your questions and help connect you with FSU campus resources, including academic advising, class registration, campus technology, campus involvement, and more. Hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

New Student Orientation

FSU views Orientation as the first opportunity to help new transfer students connect with the FSU environment.  Attendance at the relevant orientation session is based on the chosen major.  During this busy day, students will register for classes, meet faculty advisors from their academic department and be introduced to current student leaders available to provide them with useful advice.  Additionally, information will be provided about campus life and support resources available. 

Black and Gold Beginnings
Just prior to the beginning of the fall semester classes, academic and social programming is offered to assist students in their transition to FSU.  First-year and transfer students take part in activities that allow them to meet other transfer students at the Transfer Student Reception, become familiar with FSU, and take advantage of all the resources available them.  This is a great way to begin their careers at FSU.

Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Delta Rho Chapter
Tau Sigma is a National Honor Society for transfer students, which honors high Academic Achievement and involvement in the first semester at Framingham State.  The purpose of the organization, as stated in the mission, is to encourage superior academic achievement among students who have transferred from one institution of higher education another, to promote transfer student involvement on campus, and to serve as a primary resource for transfer students on college campuses nationwide. Eligible candidates must attain a 3.5 GPA or higher in their first semester as FSU students. Tau Sigma induction occurs in the spring semester at FSU. Follow this link for more information regarding Tau Sigma National Honor Society.