FSU Foundations

FSU Foundations is a valuable part of the first-year experience.  Regardless of your academic experience in high school, all first-year students will find that being a college student is very different than it was in high school.  New expectations, new friends, balancing new responsibilities, having a roommate for the first time, commuting and overall learning about your new community.  While it will most certainly be a great experience, new students have to learn about new resources, new policies, and events that are a part of the college experience.  This course is designed to support first-year students through their first semester.

Each Foundations course, which is capped at a maximum of 20 students per course, is taught by three people: a faculty member, a seminar facilitator and a student Peer Mentor.  Each are focused on creating an environment in the classroom that encourages discussion and works through challenging times.  In the course, the faculty member will work with the class of only first-years to help them understand the new expectations about classwork, participation and how to build on successes from previous academic environments.  The seminar will focus on helping new students investigate their chosen major and how to make an informed decision about a potential major in the future.  Seminar also focuses on navigating the campus and its vast array of resources.  And students will be able to forms connections with an upperclassman who were sitting in their chairs not so long ago.  This program is designed to support students in numerous ways: academically, socially and many more.  It is a vital part of the first-year at Framingham State and helps students feel that they are part of the Framily!

Here are some things that students have said about the Foundations program in the past:

"I really liked how the Seminar did personality assignments to help us figure out what we can be good at. Reading the information gives us a head start on what career we could be pursuing in the future."

"I liked the environment in the seminar where we could participate in the class discussion and ask any questions we might have."

"After a long week, having seminar on Friday was a good way to unwind and clear up anything that went on that week. Our facilitator and peer mentor were so helpful."