First-Year Programs

Welcome to First-Year Programs!

Welcome to the office of First-Year Programs! Whether you are a first-year student or a transfer student, our department exists to help your transition to Framingham State University. To begin your transition please view the NEW RAM page.  

We are here to answer your questions about Orientation, Placement Testing, your FSU Foundations course, and the Common Reading Selection. Please feel free to call, email or stop by with any questions you may have. We hope you enjoy your first-year here at Framingham State University! 

Ben Trapanick                                                  Arielle Joy (AJ) Brent
Director, First-Year Programs                            Assistant Director/Orientation Coordinator, First-Year Programs
O'Connor Hall 106                                             O'Connor Hall 102
508.626.4905                                                   508.626.4637                   

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After you deposit, you will receive a letter from the Office of First-Year Programs that will explain your individual placement testing requirements.

Click here to register for Placement Testing