Recent Internships

Fall 2017 Internships

AGM Networking

CIE Tours International

WHGH TV Boston

Jack’s Abby Brewery

Mullen Communication

IDC Corporation

Boston Chefs Inc.

FASE Magazine

Cantor Consulting

Clio Designs

Viewpoint Creative

Lapriore Videography: FlicForward

Framingham Cable Access

Home Base –Red Sox Foundation and Mass. General Hospital

MetroWest Visitors Center

Spring 2017 Internships

The PFE Group

Bennett and Company

Solar Wolf Energy

Clio Designs Inc.

IDC Sales and Marketing Div.

BBK Healthcare

Smiling Kids Inc.

Primary Design

Framingham Cable Access

College Planning Center - social media

FSU – Alumni House

FSU- Development Office

FSU – Graphic Design

FSU- Communication Arts Department