Capstone Project


Your goal in the Capstone Project is to integrate and extend your academic study of environmental science and policy to a real-world problem. While completing the Capstone Project may appear daunting, our experience has been that students find the project wonderfully fulfilling. Take this opportunity to delve into a subject both important to our understanding of the world, and of personal interest to you.

You can choose to complete either a thesis or an internship for your Capstone Project; make your choice in consultation with your academic advisor or other faculty. The links below provide access to all the information and forms you need to begin your Capstone Project.

The Process

  1. Identify advisor(s):
    • On-campus advisor required for both thesis and internship options
    • In addition, for the internship option, an advisor at the place of internship
  2. Submit two documents to the Environmental Science Program Coordinator:
    • Capstone Declaration
    • Capstone Advisor Agreement
  3. Prepare and submit a Problem Statement.
  4. Prepare and submit a Thesis or Internship Proposal.
  5. Do the work.
  6. Write a paper describing the results of your work.
  7. Give a presentation of the results of your work.

Getting Started: Capstone Project Guidelines and Forms

Thesis option:

Internship option:

The Calendar (subject to change!)

For those who have not begun the Capstone process (at least one semester prior to graduation):

  • Monday, Week 2 of semester: Town Meeting.  All Juniors and Seniors required to attend, all others strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Monday, Week 3: Contact advisor and arrange advising.
  • Monday, Week 4: Problem Statement due to advisor and Environmental Science Program Committee.
  • Monday, Week 6: Draft proposal due to advisor and Program Committee.
  • Monday, Week 10: Final proposal due to advisor and Program Committee.

For those completing the Capstone process:

  • Last week of semester: Capstone presentations.
  • Last week of semester: Capstone papers due to Program Committee.