Environmental Science and Policy

An interdisciplinary program providing the training needed to create and implement environmental policy.

This major is a collaboration of the Geography and Biology departments, and is designed to provide the interdisciplinary background necessary for an environmental professional today. It combines a strong foundation in science, emphasizing biology, with broad training in geographical theory and techniques. This program will prepare students to solve complex multidisciplinary problems and to communicate effectively with the scientific community and the general public.

Graduates with this major will be prepared to successfully obtain positions with consulting firms, governmental agencies, private corporations, and non-profit organizations. They will be prepared for work as environmental analysts, town wetlands administrators, environmental educators, or environmental scientists, among other professions. They will also be prepared to pursue graduate studies in Environmental Science, Conservation Biology, Resource Management, Environmental Planning, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Law, and Environmental Education. Graduates who choose not to pursue careers in Environmental Science will be well prepared for any career that requires a strong science background emphasizing data analysis, critical thinking, integration of complex information, spatial interpretation skills, effective communication and problem resolution skills.

The General Education Domain II-B (Natural Sciences) requirement is satisfied through the completion of the Environmental Science major. For a more policy-oriented major, see the Environmental Studies concentration of the Geography major.