Dr. Borga Deniz

Assistant Professor, Management

Office: Crocker Hall 215
Phone Number: 508-215-5718
Email: bdeniz@framingham.edu

Operations Management
Business Policy and Strategy

Prof. Karen Druffel

Associate Professor, MIS

Office: Crocker Hall 203
Phone Number: 508-626-4852
Email: kdruffel@framingham.edu

Organizational Behavior
Information Systems Management
Legal Environment of Business

Ken Grunes

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Office: Crocker Hall 209
Phone Number: 508-215-5507
Email: kgrunes@framingham.edu


Marketing Principles

Marketing Research

Organizational Behavior

Business Policy and Strategy

Strategic Marketing

Dr. Michael Harrison

Associate Professor, Marketing

Office: Crocker Hall 205
Phone Number: 508-626-4667
Email: mharrison2@framingham.edu


Marketing Research
Sports Marketing
International Marketing

Ella Karat

Instructor, Marketing

Office: Crocker Hall 216
Phone Number: 508-215-5898
Email: ekarat@framingham.edu


Marketing Principles

Brand Management

Advertising and Promotional Strategy

International Marketing

Prof. Norm Kelson

Assistant Professor, Accounting

Office: Office: O’Connor 139
Phone Number: 508-626-4568
Email: nkelson@framingham.edu


Accounting Information Systems


Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Dr. Robert Krim

Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, Director of Entrepreneur Innovation Center

Office: Crocker Hall 208
Phone Number: 508-626-4674
Email: rkrim@framingham.edu

Dr. Krim is Director and co-founder of FSU’s Entrepreneur Innovation Center. He initiated FSU’s Entrepreneurship Concentration and currently teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation, among other courses. As an entrepreneur, he started, and led, two companies successfully for twenty-five years. He spent more than a decade (1997-2010) founding and leading the Boston History and Innovation Collaborative, a Boston-based research and tourism partnership. A Harvard College graduate, he has graduate degrees in 4 disciplines, including US History and a PhD/MBA from Boston College. He is known for his leading research on what has made Eastern Mass. one of the top 3 innovative regions globally over the past four centuries. His “Bump and Connect” explanation is used by many. His academic focus is on the intersection of innovation and history. A MetroWest native, he taught Economics and Management for a decade at Roxbury Community College. A Fulbright Senior Scholar in New Zealand, the UN hired Dr. Krim to help Colombia develop public-private partnerships that would aid the city combating the Medellin drug cartel.

Social Entrepreneurship
Cultivating and Managing Innovation
Entrepreneurship Internship Practicum

Dr. Zhe Li

Associate Professor, Director of Certified Financial Planning Program

Office: Crocker Hall 206
Phone Number: 508-626-4886
Email: zli@framingham.edu

Managerial Finance
Principles of Financial Literacy
Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Insurance
Quantitative Modeling for Business and Economics

Dr. Erastus Ndinguri

Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, Assistant Director of Entrepreneur Innovation Center

Office: Crocker Hall 212
Phone Number: 508-626-4882
Email: endinguri@framingham.edu


Organizational Behavior

Human Resource Management

Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business

Dr. Sandra Rahman

Professor, Marketing

Office: Crocker Hall 218
Phone Number: 508-626-4853
Email: srahman@framingham.edu


Marketing Principles
Doing Business Abroad
International Marketing

Dr. Jorge Riveras

Assistant Professor of Strategy and International Business

Office: Crocker Hall 210
Phone Number: 508-626-4572
Email: jriveras@framingham.edu


Management Across Cultures
Business Policy and Strategy

International Business

Prof. Jay Sherry

Assistant Professor

Office: Crocker Hall 207
Phone Number: 508-215-5508
Email: jsherry@framingham.edu


Marketing Principles

International Marketing

Personal Financial Literacy

Prof. Beverly Soriano

Assistant Professor, Accounting

Office: Crocker Hall 106
Phone Number: 508-626-4856
Email: bsoriano@framingham.edu


Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II
Cost Accounting

Prof. Rachel C. Sykes, CFA

Assistant Professor, Finance

Office: Crocker Hall 204
Phone Number: 508-626-4856
Email: rsykes@framingham.edu


Principles of Financial Literacy

Retirement and Estate Planning

Case Studies in Financial Planning

Managerial Finance

Corporate Finance

Dr. Patricia Thomas, Chair

Associate Professor, MIS and Quantitative Methods

Office: Crocker Hall 201
Phone Number: 508-626-4016
Email: pthomas1@framingham.edu


Introduction to Business Systems
Quantitative Modeling for Business and Economics