First-Year Student Orientation

Get Ram Ready.

Welcome, first-year students, to the Framingham State University fRAMily! We are so glad that you have chosen to attend FSU and we are excited to help you succeed and reach your goals.

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Please click here if you are looking for information about Transfer Student Orientation.

Ram Ready Portal

On the Ram Ready Portal you will learn how to register for courses and review vital information about FSU so that you are prepared for advising and registration. The Ram Ready Portal should be completed prior to your day of orientation. You’ll be able to access the Ram Ready Portal by logging into myFramingham and finding the link under “Online Orientation” on the student homepage. This will take approximately one hour to complete. We will check to ensure you have completed the modules prior to your orientation day.  The Ram Ready Portal will go live on May 2, 2022.

Your Day of In-Person Orientation 

Your Orientation day will be a great way to begin your in-person Framingham State experience. The day will begin with check-in at 8:00 am and conclude around 6:00 pm. During the day, you will be connected to other new students as you as well as members of our Black and Gold Orientation Leader team.  You will be introduced to members of your academic department as well as other people who will be valuable resources for you throughout your time at FSU.  At the end of the day, not only will you have met students who are beginning their collegiate careers at the same time as you, but you will have begun to learn your way around campus and learned even more about what it means to be a member of our community.  It will be a busy day, but one in which you will walk away excited to start your life as a Ram!

Black and Gold Beginnings
In the days just prior to the start of classes on September 2, students will take part in the final part of orientation.  These days will include events that will help students connect to each other, find their way around campus, get used to their new surroundings and in general, figure things out before classes begin.  It is a great opportunity for residents and commuters to connect and settle in to campus.  More information about events, sign-ups and activities throughout the summer.

Community at FSU Program

Framingham State University is committed to anti-racism and to creating a safe living and learning community. During your day of orientation, you will take part in sessions that focus on the following:

  • Sex, Consent, and COVID
  • Building an Inclusive and Anti-Racist Community

We have these discussions as a way of helping new members of our community understand what we value and the respect that we expect people to show others.  Keep in mind that this is only the start!  More opportunities to engage in discussions about these topics will take place during your time as a student at FSU.

Creating your first schedule of courses is exciting!  Once it is done, you will have a glimpse into what your first semester is going to look like.  But we know that it can be challenging and sometimes confusing.  Don't worry- we have you covered!  First-year students are going to meet with faculty in a one-on-one meeting, outside of your day of Orientation, find your courses and navigate the registration process- all in an hour-long meeting. You can sign-up for an appointment now!  Appointments will take place in July and August.  The sooner your course selection meeting takes place, the more options you will have in regards to class availability. You will need to do a little preparation ahead of your course selection meeting.  You can learn about the tools you will be using in this appointment in the Ram Ready Portal, which can be found in myframingham.  Instructions for how to make an appointment can be found in the How To Schedule a Course Selection Appointment How To video.   After you watch the video, review the rest of this page and click on the gold "Sign up for a First-Year Course Selection Appointment" button at the bottom of this page.  There you will find appointment sign-up links for your major as well as other useful resources, such as more How to Videos and information about Suggested Courses.  We realize that this is a new process for you.  And one that you are excited to complete.  We will help you through it all.  

  • Individuals who require accommodations to participate in the in-person day of orientation should let us know of those needs in advance on the RSVP form or via email at
  • All new students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have proof vaccination uploaded to the Medicat website.  Assistance will be provided at Orientation to those who are unable to upload this information prior to the day.  However, students will not be allowed to participate in in-person orientation without uploading or proof of being fully vaccinated.
  • Complete the Ram Ready Portal- found on  Completing this will give you a baseline of information that will be helpful as you begin your career at FSU, guide you through many of the forms and processes that need to be completed prior to the start of the semester and begin to help you understand the values of the community and your expected role in it.

In keeping with FSU's COVID vaccination requirements, all students who will have any sort of presence on campus must provide proof of COVID vaccination.  That includes participating in the First-Year Orientation experience.  All information must be uploaded to the Medicat portal prior to coming to campus for your Orientation Day.  If you encounter technical difficulties members of the Health Center will be present to assist in uploading your documents.  Students will not be allowed to participate in Orientation without proof of COVID vaccination status prior to the day or uploaded the day of with the assistance of the Health Center.  Those seeking exemptions must have a decision rendered on that exemption prior to arriving on campus for Orientation.

  • Please ensure that you complete all the items on the New Ram Checklist.
  • All full-time students must upload their immunization records, including COVID vaccination information. Please visit our Health Center’s webpage, which includes information for incoming students.
  • If you are moving onto campus, please be sure to check your FSU email regarding move-in sign-ups and procedures. 
For information about Placement Testing, please view the Placement Testing website, which will be updated regularly in regards to test formats during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you will need to take any Placement Tests, you'll be contacted via email. Any questions may be directed to  

There are many ways to engage virtually with our community!

  • Request to join the Framingham State University – Class of 2026 Facebook page to connect with other new students and stay updated on campus happenings. Information will be shared to help you prepare, update you on important news and remind you about upcoming deadlines.  Live streaming sessions will also take place throughout the summer.
  • Log into Ramlink with your FSU username and password and find out what's happening on campus! You can check out our clubs and organizations as well as events!
  • Get connected to FSU on social media! Here are a few great accounts to follow!
    • @framinghamstateu
    • @FSUnewrams
    • @fsusild
    • @reslifefsu (for resident students)

Families and Guests should follow our Family & Guest Orientation page to find information about our Family/Guest Orientation and how they can support their student in their college transition.