Family & Guest Orientation

2021 Orientation Information for Families and Guests

Family/Guest orientation is an extremely useful first step in learning ways to support your student, while simultaneously helping them to build their independence and at the same time learning all aspects of your student’s life while they attend Framingham State University. 

The transition from high school to college can be a challenging one for both students and their family members. At Family/Guest Orientation, family members and supporters of new students are provided vital information that helps them understand how they can be partners with Framingham State in helping their students adjust to life as a Ram. Our hope is that after attending Family/Guest Orientation you will have much greater understanding of various resources that are available to your student, how to guide them without doing it for them and how you can continue to be involved in the Framingham State community through the Framily Network.   

As a result of the Orientation experience, family members will have: 

  • An understanding of the differences between high-school and the college experience 
  • An understanding your student’s rights and responsibilities of being a Ram 
  • Helpful tips on how building successful strategies in gaining personal independence 
  • Ideas on how you can help your student feel that they belong at FSU 
  • An understanding of times during the semester that can be most difficult for students 
  • Knowledge in becoming prepared to respond to your student who may become stressed and anxious at various points 
  • An understanding of the resources available for family members and supporters and how the university communicates with family members and supporters. 

This year, Family/Guest Orientation will take place in a virtual, live setting.  During three weeks in June, live presentations will take place that will inform family members and supporters of available resources while being available to answer questions related to that topic.  Four topics will be covered during two, 90-minute evening sessions each week.  All sessions will be recorded and posted once the program has concluded.  The schedule for Family/Guest Orientation is: 

Week of June 14-  
June 16- Welcome to Family/Guest Orientation, The Academic World 
June 17- The Health and Wellbeing of Students 

Week of June 21- 
June 22- Financial Aid and Paying the Bill 
June 23- Life in the Residence Halls, Making Connections as a Commuter (family members of residents and commuters will be separated), Safety and Security 

Week of June 28- 
June 29- Membership in a Welcoming and Inclusive Community, Life Outside of the Classroom 
June 30- Staying Connected as a Family Member, Parent Panel- advice from family members of current students 

Family members will receive communications with how to sign-up for Family/Guest Orientation in the mail as part of the orientation packet that students who have deposited will receive in the mail. 

We cannot wait to interact with you during Family/Guest Orientation sessions this June!