Family & Guest Orientation

Parents and Families,

Attending parent orientation is an extremely useful first step in learning ways to support your student, while simultaneously helping them to build their independence and to learn all aspects of your student’s life while attending Framingham State University.

The transition from high school to college can be a challenging one for both students and their family members. At orientation, family members and supporters of new students are provided vital information that helps to understand how they can be partners with Framingham State in helping their students adjust to life as a Ram and become contributing and active members of the community. 

Building student independence is important for the most successful college experience. There are various times during the semester when your student may become anxious or stressed and may need a nudge in the right direction. There are multiple academic resources available to your student on campus that they should be utilizing in times of need and some of those resources can be found here: Academic Success Resources. Encouraging your student to seek support from available resources when needed will help them build independence while at college, which will increase confidence and their use of successful strategies in the future.

In addition to gaining insight of your student’s first-year experience, academic and social resources, safety and security on campus, dining services, and many other aspects of campus-life, you will also gain:

  • An understanding of the differences between high-school and the college experience
  • Understanding your student’s rights and responsibilities of being a Ram
  • Helpful tips on how to help your student succeed and building successful strategies in gaining personal independence
  • Learn how you can help your student feel that they belong at FSU
  • An understanding of times during the semester that can be most difficult for students
  • Knowledge in becoming prepared to respond to your student who may become stressed and anxious at various points
  • First day move-in tips
    • Logistical details
    • Visiting students residence hall
    • Floor plans/measurements
    • How to simplify move-in day
    • Packing right, limitations, etc. 

Parent Orientation information can be found below. We look forward to seeing you there!


2020 Orientation Information for Families and Guests

  • Please note that Family/Guest Orientation is only offered in June.
  • Check-in starts at 8:00 a.m. and the orientation day will end at 5:50 p.m. with a dinner to follow.
  • You will be able to park in the Maynard Lot or Salem End Lot. (Please click here for an interactive map of campus). Accessible parking is located behind the McCarthy Center. Keep an eye out for the Black and Gold Orientation Leaders outside directing traffic.
  • Signs will direct you to the designated check-in location.
  • Light breakfast will be available. Lunch will be served in our dining facilities which offer many options to accommodate for dietary restrictions and preferences. Please inform us of any food allergies or restrictions on your RSVP form.
  • Your students have their own separate orientation experience and will be reunited with their student at dinner. During this orientation, families and guests will learn how to support their students’ transition to FSU!
  • There is a $45.00 (non-refundable) per participant fee to cover the cost of food and supplies for the program. Please make all checks payable to Framingham State University . There is no separate cost for your student to attend Orientation.
  • Individuals who require accommodations including accompaniment by a Personal Care Assistant, sign language interpreter, assistance with communications, or assistance for reduced or restricted mobility must notify our office of those needs in advance when they RSVP or via email at
  • If you are unable to RSVP in advance, we still encourage you to come to orientation. An accurate RSVP helps us to plan for your arrival, but we will be prepared for the families of  all first-year students who have deposited with the institution. 
  • The RSVP link will be active below until June 24, 2020. When you click the button below, you'll see the selection for Family/Guest Orientation. The description of the dates only indicates June 15, but you will be able to select additional dates when registering.  To register, click "Register Now" and select "Create New Account". You'll create a new account with your own information. The "number of additional attendees" is the total number of family members/guests attending (do not include your student), and your total cost will reflect this number. Please call 508-626-4596 for questions or assistance with your RSVP.

Family/Guest Orientation Booklet

Family/Guest Orientation Booklet Cover