Physics and Earth Science

Offering a comprehensive curriculum for a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth System Science, a two-year Pre-Engineering Program, and a wide array of courses in the physical sciences.

The Department of Physics and Earth Sciences provides quality education in Physics and Earth sciences for all students at Framingham State University. It offers students a new Earth Science major, providing a broad spectrum of courses to ensure a deep understanding of the systems that govern our home planet. It is host to FSU's Pre-Engineering program, transferring 3rd-year students by Articulation Agreement to UMass Lowell, UMass Dartmouth, and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to complete Bachelor of Science degrees in Engineering. In addition, the Department offers minors in Physics and in Earth System Science, hosts the Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Coordinate Major for students in Elementary Education, and provides content courses for future elementary and middle school teachers.

The Department of Physics and Earth Sciences provides foundational required courses for students majoring in biology and chemistry, including pre-medical, pre-veterinary, and Food Science majors, as well as courses satisfying General Education requirements for physical science and laboratory for all students.

The Department offers the advantage of small class sizes, individual attention, and faculty deeply dedicated to student learning. Faculty have training and/or deep interest in science pedagogy and constantly strive to research and practice the best methodologies of teaching and learning in the physical sciences. The Department is dedicated to enhancing, nurturing and respecting diversity among its faculty, staff, and students.

Spotlight on Physics & Earth Science

Event Spotlight

Saturday, April 27

Moon Race: The U.S.- Soviet Competition to Put a Man on the Moon

In 1957, the first Sputnik propelled the USSR to leadership in space. Shocked, America mobilized to demonstrate its technology surpassed Russia's - a furious, decade-long race ensued.